A reusable process to build meaningful projects

2019-03-08 by timqian

  1. An idea pops up in my mind:
    Is there any open source projects hiring programers so that I can work on open source and get paid?
  2. Search on Google:
    open source jobs
  3. Failed to find a result I want:
    Google list lots of content from job website matching the keyword 'open source', and most of them is actually not the information I want!
  4. I am sure there will be similar minds searching for this sort of question!
  5. This is amazing, because if I create a project/website with open source jobs in html title and with right info offered, people like me will find value in it.
  6. So I created a repo on github and spent a day filling in right content:
  7. Now it is Google’s job to bring users to this place if it is a responsible search engine (And if it‘s not we should build a new one!)

The next day after I created t9tio/open-source-jobs and shared it to several forums. I find it is listed as the 4th result when people search “open source jobs” in Google. It is amazing that Google index website so fast.

Now, from my experience. This project will get constant traffic and collects lots of stars on github over time. I should keep on building it and make it better.

Reuse these steps to other ideas

I think I can replace the words/ideas/project in this style with other words/ideas/project in the steps and build other useful tools for myself and others.

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